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Virtual Sex, More Satisfying Than Real Sex?

Virtual Sex, More Satisfying Than Real Sex?

Virtual pornography, the new formula of couple infidelity If lately we prefer to go shopping, read newspapers, watch TV shows and movies, order food, make online reservations for flight tickets or communicate with our friends through the Internet, why shouldn't we have sex the same way? A recent study has shown that the number of people who prefer virtual sex to real sex, spending hours in front of the computer to fulfill their erotic fantasies has considerably got higher. From this point of view this trend's advantages and disadvantages have been analyzed, and the opinions are shared. There are couples who have broken up because one of the partners had become addicted to online pornography, and there are couples who, if the Internet hadn't been invented, would have been very unhappy or, better yet, wouldn't have existed at all. The survey taken with 4000 readers of a famous British magazine indicated that a quarter of them used the Internet to cheat on their couple partner, and 80% accessed sites with explicit pornographic content. One out of three participants admitted to have used the webcam to initiate sexual relations, and 10% declared that they had sex with more than 11 partners, all met online. According to the same study, one out of two women is accessing the Internet to watch soft porn scenes, and three out of four men prefer hardcore pornography. Two thirds of them declared that women know the reason for which their partner is often accessing the Internet, and one out of three admits that he is addicted to virtual pornography - three times more than in women's cases. Four out of five respondents consider that online porn movies can be 'educative' for the couple's sexual life, and many of them declare that they found their life partner accessing matrimonial sites. It isn't impossible to have sex with someone on the Internet; given the fact that it is 'virtual', therefore not physical, practically anything is possible: all you have to do is to have a rich imagination and some pictures or images to stimulate you. Then, inside your own mind, you can do anything, with anyone. You can watch thousands of free movies you like. Any category. You can choose to have sex on the Internet through a webcam which you both have, stimulating yourselves 'manually' or by using different sex toys such as artificial vaginas, vacuum pumps, cock rings etc. The webcam is a simple window, the microphone and the headphones, the telephone are ways of transmitting a voice, a tonality and a message to one another. The Internet assures the transportation and the webcam and the voice equipments capture and reproduce images and sounds. The olfactory, gustative, and tactile senses are missing, but their absence can help to that mystery aura that comes when you meet someone. The first impression isn't the same when all senses don't participate. Well, to know someone through an instrument capable of transmitting images and sounds isn't quite that impossible, to initiate a conversation, a 'who are you, who am I, you look great, I would like to..., I know you want it, maybe, we'll see, let's have a coffee, I'll wait, we'll see' etc. At the end of an online date, you could end up having virtual sex, and, who knows, maybe you will end up meeting your partner in real life and see where that leads you. The change that has lately happened at a social level is very impressive, due to the use of the Internet and of mobile phones. That's why it is considered to be useful and necessary that the theme of sex safety on the Internet should be taken into consideration and introduced in schools, during the 'sexual education' classes, together with prevention methods, and ways of treating pornography addictions. Many times a simple visual stimulus can be enough; an image can be very erotic, so that you could end up having an orgasm just by watching and no stimulation. After all, sex is about pleasure. Coman Marius is the CEO and owner of a Male Enhancement Research company _ Sizemed Sizemed . Dedicated to find the real truth about the male enhancement products and companies and expose it to the consumer. Copyright 2009 Coman Marius of Male Enhancement Reviews. This article may be freely distributed if this resource box stays attached.

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