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Sex On The First Date

Sex on the first date

By Melbourne Girl - Jul 11, 2009 - From erotic- stories. Erotic Stories - Views - 13366 She had been registered on the online dating site for 3 months but hadn’t really logged on. With the winter weather too unpleasant to head outdoors she jumped online one Saturday morning to see if there was any talent worth contacting.
Scrolling down through the endless pages of nondescript, middle age males she was just contemplating logging off when she spotted a dark haired, good looking guy who looked cute. With a quick glance through the cover page details she realised he ticked a few of the boxes for her and as she clicked her mouse over his photo his main page opened up.
Single, no kids, educated. All sounded good. Athletic build, likes good music and snowboarding. He sounded perfect. She clicked the kiss box and as she did she noticed that he had come on line.
In a matter of moments she saw the box pop up to indicate that she had mail.
“Hey gorgeous girl, ” he wrote in the email , ”How about dinner tonight?”
Sarah bit her lip and thought about it for a moment. It was all a bit much when she had only just read his profile..but he was pretty gorgeous and she didn’t have any plans for the evening.
“Sure, ” she typed back, “I have never done this before but where would you like to go?”
In an instant his reply was back and dinner was on for that night at 8pm. As she shut down her laptop Sarah looked around her. She was still in bed with the Saturday paper on the floor. Her long brown hair was messy from sleeping and as she peeled the covers back she looked down at her black, silk negligee. Her breasts looked firm and pert where the triangles of silk sat over them and as the cold hit her nipples she watched them turn hard. She could see the v of her mound where the fabric sat over it and regardless of the cold, grey winter outside, her legs were long and brown below the hem of the negligee. “You are looking good girl, ” she thought to herself as her manicured toes hit the timber floor. Standing she turned back to look at how her touché looked in the mirror and admired the tilt of her lean back and the way the fabric sat across her butt.
She showered and made calls and did her normal Saturday tasks, all the while with an excitement and anticipation building about her date that night.
As the evening began to close in she showered and taking extra time to shave down well and paying special attention to her muff she started to prepare for dinner. Subtle perfume behind her knees and ears and then a simple black slip dress that she knew fitted her like a glove. Taking silk stockings from her bedside draw, she drew them over her long legs and positioned the stay up tops high on her thighs. After several pairs of lace panties, all of which showed a line under her clingy, black dress she decided that sans knickers was a much better look. Slipping into her sling back, black heels, she dabbed on lip gloss and was out the door. She felt a rush of cold air on her cunt as she stepped into the street and it sent a shiver up her spine.
Walking the 2 blocks to the agreed restaurant she smiled as she received admiring glances from a range of men on the street. She felt good and the looks had given her confidence.
The concierge opened the door and she stepped into the warm restaurant. As he took her coat she glanced around the room hoping to see the hottie from the website. She couldn’t see him and she realised that she didn’t know his name.
“I am meeting a gentleman that I haven’t met before, ” she explained to the concierge, slightly embarrassed.
“Ah, yes madame, ” he replied with a twinkle in his eye, “He explained that to me. You will be over here in the corner, by the fire.”
He led her to the table and seated her facing away from the door. As she settled into her seat she heard someone clear their throat behind her and she turned to see the guy from the website. He was actually better looking in real life than he was in the photo and she felt an instant attraction to him as she stood and kissed him on the cheek.
She took in how tall he was and how broad his shoulders where and the way his shirt showed off his buff chest.
“Wow, ” he smiled, “You certainly live up to your profile and a bit more.”
She smiled as she sat back down. “I was just thinking the same thing.”
They chatted and ordered food and as she hit her second glass of wine she realised that she was com completely hot for this guy and there was no question that he was coming home tonight. Noticing the way that she was looking at him, he discreetly moved his chair to the side of hers and leant forward to kiss her. She glanced behind her to see if people were watching but realised that the view of the rest of the room was blocked by the booth behind them. Moving to the booth part of their table, she took his hand and he slid onto the booth seat too. Pushing the cloth back on the table, she straddled his lap and eased her dress up so that the tops of her stockings exposed her bare thighs. Running his hands up the outside of her thighs and then under her dress he took hold of her arse and pulled her slightly forward. She ran her hands over his shoulders and chest and then pushed his suit jacket back off his shoulders before unbuttoning his shirt. Taking in his strong chest she ran her nails through his chest hair and pushing his shirt open, leant forward and licked and nibbled at his nipples. Tossing her hair back she shrugged her shoulders out of the straps of her dress and lifting her arms out, wriggled as the dress dropped to expose her round, firm tits. Pushing his face into her tits he licked and sucked as she felt herself getting wet. Unbuckling his belt as worked her tits , she could feel how hard he was in his trousers. Undoing his trouser button and then the zip, his dick was hard and pointing out of his designer underwear. She took his massive, hard cock in her hands and pushing up onto her knees, moved forward and teased it with her cunt. He groaned and tilted his head back, exposing his neck and she sucked and nuzzled into it.
He took her by the hips and placed her seated on the table. She leant back and he worked his tongue and rough shaved chin along her bare vulva and clit. Working along her slit and licking her arse while working her vag with his nose, she was arching up on the table, her hard nipples and round tits exposed. Out of the corner of her eye she saw the waiter approaching but by now her cunt was throbbing and she was coming as he worked her.
The waiter rounded the corner and stopped, shocked. Taking his belt in her hand she pulled him toward her and unzipping his fly, she reached in and grabbed his semi hard cock.
“Madame..” he started to protest but as she placed his cock in her mouth his words stopped and his head tilted back.
Her date had by now climbed to his knees and was pumping his massive dick into her. As she gave the waiter head he was slamming her cunt and his hands were working her tits. She felt his pace pick up and she knew he was going to come.
“Holy fuck, ” he swore as pumped his load into her and she felt him soften and withdraw.
By now the waiter was ready to go to and she sat up, pivoting on the table to allow him to take her from behind. Working her hard he was soon there and she felt his balls quiver as he shot her full. Pulling his cock out she wiped herself on the white linen cloth, smoothed her dress back down over her arse and popped her straps back over her shoulders.
“I think we need another bottle of wine, ” she smirked at the waiter as he attempted to compose himself.
“Certainly madame, “he replied , “ and we will reset the table for you.”

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