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Sex and the City Hangouts _" Where the Stars Spend Their Time in NYC

Sex and the City Hangouts _" Where the Stars Spend Their Time in NYC

Find the Sex and the City Hangouts and where the stars spend their time in NYC using newyork newyork . The site provides information, maps, and links to hotels, transportation, shopping, tours, restaurants, nightlife, and entertainment in New York City. With the premier of the Sex and the City movie, there has emerged a new excitement to visit and tour New York City. The City has been called the fifth character in the movie, and seeking out the Sex and the City hangouts is a fun way to see the city with your friends. There are parks, restaurants, night clubs, and shops that are the backdrop to the movie, and people want to know where the stars spend their time in New York City. Visit newyork newyork to find all of the places where the Sex and the City characters spend their days and nights. The site has information on everything needed to plan a tour of New York including hotels, maps, transportation, shopping, sightseeing, nightlife, restaurants, and entertainment. Tour Uptown, Midtown, and Downtown Manhattan, and find out where dozens of neighborhoods such as Tribeca, Chelsea, and Soho are. The major sites and attractions within these neighborhoods are listed with information including their history, hours of operation, entrance fees, and how to get there on newyork newyork . Famous restaurants and nightclubs can be found on the website. Along with links to find your way there, you can make a reservation in advance. Also listed on the site is current news and weather, and newyork newyork offers information and links to theatres, museums, and tour operators to help plan a trip to New York. Shopping would be a big part of a Sex and the City theme, and world-class retailers are what New York City is all about. Use newyork newyork to find beautiful department stores including Barneys, Bergdorf Goodman, and Saks Fifth Avenue. Find famous designers' flagship stores in New York City including Donna Karan, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Coach and Manolo Blanik using the site as well.
For more information about newyork New York Hotel and newyork New York City, Please visit newyork newyork

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