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6 Tips For Shower Sex

6 Tips For Shower Sex

For many of us, making love starts by taking a shower either alone or with your girl. But this does not necessary be so. In fact, you can also start having sex with your girl in the bathroom. Standing naked face to face with her, with steaming hot water running down your bodies can be extremely seductive and arousing. The setting is naturally conducive to sensual caress, oral attention and deep kissing. Making love when you are bathing is a highly effective form of foreplay as well as a perfect opportunity to get quickie sex, or when you do not have privacy. In the following paragraphs, I will talk about how you can turn your bathroom into a love den. (1) Practice safe sex What I mean here is you need to take precautionary measures to avoid any unnecessary injuries because it can be very slippery. The best way is to use a rubber mat or adhesive grips. If you do not have anything to hold on to in the bathroom, go to the nearby hardware store to see whether you can find handles or towel rods that can be stick firmly to the shower wall. You may consider adding a sturdy, rubber-bottomed stool as a sex prop. These can provide added support and stability for you and your girl and if positioned correctly, can boost eroticism. Although steamy can be sexy, you should ensure there is enough ventilation to prevent either one of you from getting faint or dizzy. (2) Make the place clean and spacious Soap scum and piles of hair clogging the drain can be a big turn-off for shower sex. Your girl may find it hard to get in the mood if your bathroom looks and smells like a storeroom. Therefore, make sure the place is reasonably hygiene, have a fresh scent and clean towers and should not be clamped up with unnecessary stuff. After you finish, make sure all the leftover bodily fluid is rinsed so that it will not leave any sticky stain which can be hard to clean later. (3) Create a conducive environment Many of the same accessories that you use for lovemaking in the bedroom can be applicable for bathroom sex such as candles and scented massage oil. If you are using a nicely scented soap make sure not to keep it close contact to the vagina because the chemical may cause irritation to your girl. Make it fun with lots of foreplay to get lubricated and keep a bottle of silicone (not water-based) lubricant on hand because water will quickly wash away natural lubrication. (4) Spend time cleaning up each other's body Cleaning up one another is an intimate and seductive act. You can do this by using a sponge, soft washcloth, mild soap or gentle shampoo on each other's body. Make sure you take your time to caress the erogenous zones and feel free to be naughty to her with your tongue or finger(s). This activity is a natural lead to other sensual stuff such as oral sex, erotic shaving and anal sex. This is also the place for you to try some racier oral sex positions. But make sure you stimulate her enough to get her turn on because a common complaint from women is that shower sex takes too much concentration without enough pleasure. (5) Get some water toys You can always make sex fun in the bathroom by using some sex toys, probably a dildo that you could suction to the shower wall. You and your girl can take a trip to a love toy shop to choose for splash-proof, hands-free stuff that can be worn by either of you or her. It is a great idea to get a quality shower head because it is one of those favorite 'sex toys' women love to use when they masturbate. Your girl will appreciate the gesture and will enjoy the pleasure from the massaging effect of having drops of water sprinkling on the sensitive parts of her body. (6) The Sex Positions You Can Try The most appropriate positions are variations on the standing rear entry positions. Like a cop doing a body search, ask your girl to place her hands on the wall with her legs spread and you enter her from behind. You can also ask her to bend over and then support her by the wrists as you penetrate her. If you want to look into each other's eyes, you are about the same height as her and her body is flexible, you can get her to lift up one of her legs to place beside your waist with your hand supporting this raised leg, and then you enter her, a sort of standing missionary position. If you want to do some acrobatic stance, you can hold your girl up firmly with her legs wrap round your waist. When you want to be a bit relaxed, you can get down on your knees to do her a doggie.
Bathroom sex is one of the many ways you can shower her with your love. There are plenty of other positions and techniques that you can try to pamper a girl. If you are keen to know how this can be done, you can click on sex-tips-site Hot And Fun and naughtysexideas Love Shower.

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